Wednesday, December 08, 2021
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DF 65 Interclub Series Rd 3 Results

Conditions were absolutely fantastic for the final raBoats1ce of the 2021 Interclub Dragonforce 65 championships held at Springfield Lakes and hosted by Springfield Lakes Radio Yacht Club on 27 November 2021

There was a cool 5-10 km south easterly breeze to greet the 25 registered entries from three clubs competing, namely the Springfield Lakes Radio YC, Paradise Radio YC (Gold Coast) and Redlands Radio YC (Redlands)

This is a great community event with over 100 locals watching and representatives of the council watching the close racing …. with the main comment being “this is unbelievably entertaining to watch”…. most people thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful Queensland weather and scene on the lake as 25 boats competed in this prestige event

Whilst 25 boats registered, this is a club teams event with the first three highest points calibrated to calculate each club final score….. the overall point score for the 3 the clubs is totalled and the winning club awarded the perpetual trophy….currently held by PRYC

Today local knowledge and conditions favoured the Springfield Radio YC club members with the final results for the series

1st Springfield Lakes

2nd Paradise

3rd Redlands

We had a huge variety of sailors from Australian and international champions to beginners who participated on the day in particular we had six different winners namely Mike, Marty, David, Daniel, Scott and John ….16 of the top place getters achieved fifth place or better in the individual races showing how close and how competitive the day was.

A real symbol of the comradery and friendship in this strict one design class was the example demonstrated by the friendly competitive behaviour …..sailors were keen to be inclusive …help…share gear ….friendships and fun day led by the volunteers and a great organising committee

Congratulations to Mike, Marty and David who took podium positions today and well done to the terrific achievement of all competitors

None of these events happen without the efforts of the organizing club and committee…the event was superbly organised by SLRYC’s John Heard and Ian Lobley with Ron Fawcett acting as race officer. Ron was assisted by Shelley Heard, Ian Watson and Patrick Collins and David Black on the scoring. Also thanks to Bryan Jones for manning the rescue boat and Norm Gough for looking after the finances and buying the vital sausages and drinks. Thanks also to Tom and Lis Larsen for helping with the BBQ. Importantly, the course was set brilliantly by Ron and Ian Ashe who commented how enjoyable it was to watch the close the racing.

Noteworthy performances on the day included Mike Jefferys picking up 7 firsts, Marty Wallace and David Brundson with 2 firsts each and Danial Bergan, Scott Rudd and John Daily for winning a race each….David who is a standing member of the QRYA commented …"this is one of the first times I have sailed in this class and extremely impressed with the sharing of knowledge ….which seldom happens in the other classes…I feel I have joined a class which I am loving being a part of ….so much fun and enthusiasm”

It was a day which amplified very close racing ….matching the latest America’s cup challenge series….. so well done to all competitors …John Heard commented “the racing, sportsmanship and organisation was first class “... with visiting clubs taking 3rd and 4th positions on the day …. Ron Fawcett the PRO also commented “Racing was close with the lead changing regularly” .

A big thanks goes to our Ipswich Council who provided toilet facilities and Springfield Club Volunteers providing lunch and refreshments

Overall individual results

Mike Jefferys (SLRYC)     1st

Marty Wallace (SLRYC) 2nd

John Daley (PRYC) and Ian Robertson (SLRYC)      3rd

See Race 7 Video Here

Boats2Scores Day3

 Mike Winner

2021 QLD State A Class Championships 27th November

2021 QLD State A Class Championships heScreenshot 2021 11 28 132235ld at Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association.

 Well, contrary to the weather forecast, we had a rain free day at Lake Samsonvale with a reasonably consistent breeze of 5-10knots from the south east for most of the day. We had an excellent turn up with 10 skippers registering for the event, with 9 attending and competing.

There was a typical weed problem with fresh water, as such we managed 12 races, 9 boats sailing except for the last 3 races where 7 boats sailed and I think there were only 2 boat rescues for the day.

The RC Yacht sport should be very proud of the manner in which all competitors conducted themselves on the day, there were very few penalties called, considering 12 races, all penalties were carried out on request or without request in most instances, the tone of the day was nothing but exemplary for all.

Congratulations go to, Frank Russel from Sunshine Coast RSC who took out the day, 1st place, Frank showed a clean set of heals for most of the day with 9 firsts, an impeccable days sailing by Frank.

Congratulations to Les Flood of LSWSA for 2nd place, an excellent, consistent days sailing, only 4 races where he was not on the podium.

Congratulations to Jason Nasmith of LSWSA for 3rd Place, likewise an excellent, consistent days sailing by Jason, only 4 races where he was not on the podium and only 2 points separated 2nd & 3rd places.

Almost all skippers had a place on the podium on the day, unfortunately Ian Kirley had a gooseneck fail at race 8 and had to withdraw.

A big thank you to Nick Linsdley from the Moreton club for acting as both OOD and Scorer for the day, this allowed ALL A Class skippers to sail, thank you Nick and all the other volunteers who made the day a successful one, the A Class is well and truly alive and kicking in QLD.

Thanks and Regards

John Fulton

RC Yacht Coordinator

Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association

Screenshot 2021 11 28 132923


Queensland 10 Rater Championships November 21st 2021

Queensland 10 Rater Championships   Congratulations go to Greg Torpy winning the 10R Qld Title for 2021 with John Gower in Second place and Geoff Morris in Third place. 


The 2021 ten tater state titles were held on Sunday the 21st November Hosted by Paradise Radio Yacht Club. The day was forecast to be light wind from the north with the odd drop of rain but thankfully we only had a few spits early.

By the 10.00am start time arrived the breeze had increased to 3-5 knots which is enough to get the tens moving with 16 entries it was decided to sail two fleets Torpy and Fisher both won there seeding race from there on the breeze stayed light and was moving quite a lot but with the worlds best boat crew the course changes were quickly made until the breeze died and lunch was called.

Lucky it did come back and settled in for the afternoon. The day ended with Greg Torpy winning with John Gower and Geoff Morris behind him.

The tens are strong in Qld these days with quite a few new boats launched this year. With their length and sail area they really are lovely to sail.

A big thank to Michael Cosgriff for doing the RO. Worth mentioning is the humour and good spirit evident throughout the day and I think everybody enjoyed themselves. Plus a big thank-you to the crew of volunteers

There wouldn’t be any event like this without all the entrants; many of whom travelled a long way to attend. Congratulations & thank-you.

As QLD class coordinator I’m looking forward to next year with hopefully more events.

John gower



2022 Sailing Calendar now published!

 The racing calendar for 2022 is now published on the QRYA website. All events as shown have been approved by the ARYA. Many thanks go to Brian Outram from the ARYA and David Brunsdon our Events Co-ordinator for the difficult but excellent work done to achieve this ouRegattaLakeStarttcome. As we know things may change due to issues beyond our control and any changes  once approved will be adjusted on our sailing Calendar in the future as required.

2021 Queensland IOM Championships


2021 IOM QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP, 13 & 14 November 2021.

Hosted by Paradise Radio Yacht Club and organised by one of the Southern Hemisphere’s (at least) most efficient and experienced PRO’s , this event was always going to be a success. And so it was – the weather was perfect throughout the 2 days , albeit that the fickle Westerly, some times Nor’westerly, came and went and danced about regularly. During the 36 heats over the 2 days only one heat was called off temporarily due to NO wind. For the rest, occasional gusts of upto 20kts knocked at any one time half the fleet down and skippers in my opinion handled those very difficult conditions extremely well, to the extent that I don’t recall one collision occurring due to uncontrollable nose dives with A rig on day 2. On Saturday B rigs were virtually universal and essential for most of the heats. Sunday started very sensibly so A rigs prevailed, with only 2 boats moving to B as the gusts became more frequent later in the day.

Having said all that, by way of background it was a real pleasure for all the RMT to be involved, watching displays of sailing skills of a very high standard throughout the 2 days. Competition was intense and skills shown by the skippers in handling the sometimes very challenging conditions were exceptional. The windward mark roundings by and large showed a high degree of skill and only on a couple of occasions were port tackers in trouble due to choppy conditions, unanticipated gusts and reflection in the later afternoon.

At the top end of A fleet the challenges between Greg Torpy (25, V11), Aaron Farrar (34, BritPop), Doug Allen (72, V11), Andrew Wilson (187, V11) were ever present and unpredictable in many heats as to placings, with many other skippers down the list enjoying some very competitive finishes due to skill in picking the right side of the course and the gate. 25 and 34 each claimed first on 5 occasions over the 18 races, with 187 and 72 enjoying 3 first places and 7 seconds between them.

In all the skills shown throughout the 2 fleets were exceptional and it was evident, despite a couple of tenser moments, that the skippers all enjoyed and took up the challenges of the event with enthusiasm and competence, which is a great credit to the competitors and the sport of radio sailing at this very high level.

Something worth mentioning is the humour and good spirit evident throughout the 2 days, the crew of volunteers from ROs, observers, scorers through to finishers were all clearly enjoying the event and speaking personally it was very encouraging for volunteers to hear the comments of competitors in expressing their appreciation for the manner in which the event was managed. Thank you to all the volunteers for their selfless and enthusiastic contribution to the event and congratulations to the boat crew & course setter John Musgrave and Ray Richardson for a difficult job well done.

A special vote of thanks to David Black and Julian O’Brien for a flawless scoring function, despite the usual occasional software gliches; also to Bill Clancy for organisation pre and post, procuration of poo factory etc and not to mention provision of facetious comments throughout.

RO Tony Fannin excelled, clearly enjoying the responsibility and handling the job “with aplomb”. The few protests that arose were controversy free; focussing mainly on redress issues, the Protest committees handled things well and we thank the participants comprising the panels for their contributions to the event.

As I said – great day(s); thank you to all the 28 competitors for the spirit and sportsmanship displayed and congratulations to the winners:

Open Division - Aaron Farrar, First

                           Greg Torpy, Second

                           Andrew Wilson, Third on countback over Doug Allen, both with                        67 points;

Masters Division – Peter Kampe, First

                                 Russell Gray (in the red shirt), Second

                                 Peter Burford, Third

And to all the other winners, all the remaining 22 entrants.

There wouldn’t be any event like this without all the entrants, many of whom travelled a long way to attend. Congratulations & thankyou.

So on behalf of PRYC and QRYA, Thank you all.      

Adrian Banwell           

   Link to videos of the event compliments of Ian Lobley:   




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