Wednesday, December 08, 2021
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Qld Marblehead Championships 16 October 2021

Marblehead Qld Championships 161021

QLD Marblehead championships 2021

We all arrived at the Lake salmsonvale water sports association to find a good stiff wind blowing.

C and C2 rigs were in order from the start and with wind directions changing from one minute to the next; it was going to be a hard day!   It was spectacular to watch these machines on the water with a big wind in full flight!!!

John our PRO set a course that was as good as we could hope for considering the conditions and we all tried to do our best. The good guys showed that they were prepared for it and typically Greg Topy from the start showed that he could handle all conditions and showed from the start that he was going to be the person to beat.

Geoff Morris and Peter Sherwood ( first competition with a Marblehead) were going to make it a hard fort battle for the minor placings.

It should be noted that nearly every boat in the fleet at one time during the day made it into the top 3 places for that heat which demonstrated the different conditions on the day.

After lunch the wind died down a little which gave the guys that were game enough to try larger rigs an advantage but very quickly their advantage was annulled. 

A big thankyou to David Black for the scoring, John Fulton for PRO and the team from Lake salmsonvale for running the event that went smoothly and the sailors who together showed true mateship with everyone helping everyone to try keep as many boats racing as possible.

Marbleheads are definitely strong  in Queensland and anyone interested in watching or learning more about this class should contact us to see what this class is all about.

Trevor Fisher

 Marblehead pic

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