Sunday, May 16, 2021
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David Black Milestone


DBFaceandcard16 March 2021

Everyone in Queensland Radio Yachting knows who David Black is.  Those who have come to this sport in the last few years most likely see him as a scorer, others who have been around for longer also know him as a previous QRYA office-bearer, at least in the Secretary/Treasurer or President roles, others who have been around even longer remember him from the Queensland Model Boat Association days in the 1980's or even before.

For his services David belongs to an elite very small group of  'Life Fellows' or Life Members of the State Association.  The list appears on the Honour Board on the QRYA website.

David recently celebrated a milestone birthday and to recognise the event the Association issued the first 'Life Fellow' card.  QRYA cards are issued for one year traditionally ending 31st May, however the recognition of Life Fellow has no end date.

At David's birthday, the QRYA Treasurer Ian Lobley presented David with a card on behalf of the Radio Yachting community of Queensland, and his new card.

The rarest commodity in our sport is the volunteer.  For many years David has given his time and personally invested significant resources to score sailing events all overDBworking Queensland.  For those of us who travel to events, we know that most of the cost has nothing to do with the entry fees, it is in the cost of travel and accommodation.  We are lucky that David sees his scoring duties as a hobby.  So David belongs to a very rare breed of volunteer who not only provided their time, but actually their own resources as well.

Please join us to wish David all the best for his next decade and to thank him for on-going incredible contribution he has made to Radio Sailing in Queensland.

The Editor


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