Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Corona Virus and Radio Sailing

MelgesJPG2These are unprecedented times.  A global pandemic is new to us all.  From talking to sailors in the last few days, attitudes to the impact of this situation on Radio Sailing in Queensland are very divided.  We have some who believe that this is 'just another flu'.  Others who accept the view of the best science we have that this is something to be very concerned about, particularly for the demographic that this sport is composed of.

All over the world, on an hourly basis almost, events of all kinds including sailing are being abandoned for safety reasons.  The image here is but one example.

So each sailor can decide for themselves whether to participate in events during this period.  Similarly, those of us elected to administer the sport need to make decisions in the best interest of the members.  The QRYA will meet formally in the next few days to review the situation and decide on whether we need to continue to support events where people travel, stay in accommodation and mingle at the event.  These events are often supported by volunteers in the extreme high risk age group.

In the event that the QRYA decides not to support some events, there is nothing stopping each person from calling their mates and going for a sail and or continuing to sailing club events, if they are held.  Each club needs to review this situation for itself.

In the meantime, the following are recommendations only;

  • stop all food service at regattas
  • do not do hand shakes.
  • encourage 1 metre separation of skippers.
  • provision of hand washing facilities (hand sanitiser is damn hard to find, and hot water isn’t all that easy to provide at most of our venues), but at bare minimum, some sort of hand wash should be available and encouraged.
  • Also, if someone turns up at an event clearly unwell, coughing and spluttering, I think we should support any regatta organizer who asks that person to leave, or who calls the event off if they don’t leave. There will always be people who don’t heed warnings to stay away, but if common sense is that the person shouldn’t be there, we should support that decision.

We will advise you immediately if changes are made to our sailing calendar.

Ron Fawcett

Secretary QRYA


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