Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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The Coomera Cup is GO!

RegattaLakeStartIOMs at Regatta Lake16 January 2021

Seemingly out of nowhere a brand new Ranking Event has appeared for IOM skippers hosted by the Wynnum Manly Club.  It's very exciting.

At a meeting late last year the QRYA was finalising the 2021 Events calendar when they noticed a big hole in it, called February.  Historically that month has been the Australian National Championships where four classes held sequential regattas over nearly two weeks.  The 2019 event in Queensland looks like being the last of its kind as the ARYA altered their regulations to allow for classes to hold separate championships, different places, different times if they want.  So that left February in Queensland blank.

So the committee scanned about for something to fill the void before IOM sailors became jittery. This was a real challenge as the calendar was about as full for most clubs as they wanted later on in the year, reluctant to ask them to take on more.  Last year there had been some speculation that the flash new Wynnum Manly (WM) trailer could be used as a "just add water" instant regatta machine.  It has everything needed to run an event except water and a fleet.  So the WM committee was approached to see if they were interested in hosting and equipping an event.  The WM Club is a very active one but as neither of the their two pieces of home water are suitable for a multifleet IOM event, they have not been hosting events on the State calendar.  After some discussion the club happily accepted the challenge to host the event at Regatta Lake, Coomera.

The City of Gold Coast has confirmed that the weekend 27th and 28th February is clear and the Southport Yacht Club has agreed to provide the necessary letter of support for us to be there with them.   All this fell into place with one day to go before the 6 week limit the ARYA has for the approval of Ranking Events.  Whew.  The youtube clip is of IOM Racing at that venue.

To add to the interest, the host club requested that the event use the Simple Heat Scoring System rather than the Heat Management System normally used, wanting to give it a trial.  Reality is that for a single fleet event, neither matters but for multi-fleet events it is different.  Each system has strengths and weaknesses and it will be interesting to give this a go in Queensland.

LakeClipMapFor the majority of us who only look at the Notice of Race to check the dates, entry fee and how to pay, it's worth pointing out that the event will not be catered for.  In a joint Association/Club agreement, no eskys with drinks will be used as part of a COVID-19 Safe Plan.  If you forget, the Yacht Club does have a cafe open Saturday morning but maybe not Sunday.

If you are reading this and are not an IOM sailor, please consider volunteering some of your time to make this event successful.  Contact details are on the Notice of Race.  The club will be calling for help so you pick up the phone, send an email, offer your services and get a front row seat to some exciting RC yachting.  Or, you could maybe mow the lawn, sharpen the mower blades, reindex your CD collection in year order or tidy your sock draw?

For IOM Sailors, it's the first Ranking event of the year, the first round of the Queensland IOM GP Series and the first event for 2021.  In this new world where we have to check the news each morning to find out if we can leave home that day, go racing while you can.  Support the WM Club in their appearance on the state calendar and rolling out their awesome trailer to make it happen!

Entries are open HERE.

So whether you are sailing or helping out, see you on the 27th February!

The Editor


Volunteers & Radio Yachting

1ObserversVolunteers at the Nationals 2019, between races.12 January 2021

We could have more radio yachting events each year, except for the shortage of one thing ... volunteers.

Traditionally a host club organises their own members to fill the positions needed to run an event.  For smaller clubs this can indeed be a challenge, so much so that they just cannot put their hands up.  Asking around, all clubs have this problem to some degree, even the largest one in Queensland.  Either there are not enough people available or those who are become overloaded and jaded by it all.  So what can be done?

Well for the 2019 National Championships the Organising Committee put out a call across Australia and New Zealand, the result was a rich pool of people wiling to give from a half day to several days as an observer, boat crew or assisting the scorers, just for that event.  The main reason for this approach was the size of the event and that the host was the QRYA, they don't have any equipment just a few people who mostly already had jobs organising and keeping the regatta running.  So, why not look at that model for other events I hear you ask?1ScorersSome of the Scoring Team 2019

I heard a rumour that the QRYA has been looking at how it can better communicate with members when an event needs some help.  I'm sure that if some of us knew that a regatta not too far from them needed a hand they could well be interested.  Maybe give a morning to it.  It's interesting to spend some time watching a class you don't sail go about their business and it's way better than mowing the lawn or waiting for your partner to tell you what you haven't done right this time.  And volunteering is certainly better than sitting at home watching Ian Lobley's race videos when you could see the real thing.  Watch them later!

So anyway, watch this space for any developments, in the meantime, have a think about giving something back to the sport if you do not already.  I suspect that there are plenty of people interested if they knew they were needed. 

But back at your own club, if they sail more than one class, go to your club management and tell them you could be available to help events you don't sail in.  If the grandkids happen to be over the weekend you are needed then just do it another time, but make the offer anyway.  The most valuable thing we can give others, is our time.

So to paraphrase another well known American sailor; "Ask not what your sport can do for you ... ask what you can do for radio yachting."  

The Editor


Sailing cancelled Greater Brisbane Region

Breaking NewsFrom 6:00pm January 2021 people living in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton and Redlands will be required to stay home until 6:00pm MondayQueensland Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young also asked people to not go to any non-essential businesses like hairdressers, nail salons, cinemas and gyms.

Weekend sport has also been cancelled.

What's Happening with the National Championships 2021?

Map2021Nats7 January 2021

For those sailors who travel to National Championships each year all but the IOM class is now scheduled.

The A's, Marbleheads and Ten Raters will be held at Austin Lakes WA between 8 and 14 September.  The DF Nationals will be at Montrose Bay, Tasmania from 14 to 17 October.  See the QRYA Calendar for details.  It has been updated to include these events along with all Queensland Championship regionals and state.

After the cancellation of the 2020 IOM event at Yarrawonga due to COVID-19 and with the hope of hosting the event in the early part of 2021, the Victorian Radio Yachting Association has regrettably declined the right to host the event due to the lack of available venues to meet the anticipated time frame.

As a result the ARYA, in accordance with it's bylaws, has invited state associations to submit expressions of interest to host the 2021 IOM Australian Championship with an initial expression of interest to be provided by 17 January 2021. It is expected that an announcement of the successful submission to be announced shortly thereafter.

The shortlist is indeed short, with Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland already commited to one or more National events in 2021, Victoria already passing on it and NSW still in the grip of the virus it is likey that the ARYA will not be flooded with offers.  While we have to check the news each morning to learn what borders are open or closed, organising a National level event will involve accepting a higher level of risk to impact by travel restrictions, something we have not had to consider till now.

Word on the street is that the QRYA Committee is in the process of considering what response if any it will have to the ARYA invitation.

But for the left-out IOM skippers, there is a rumour that the first Queensland Ranking Event of the season could be a new one at Regatta Lake, Coomera.  Don't tell anyone I said it, but pencil in the dates 21 and 22 February.  Apparently the necessary permits are being sought to book the water, let's hope that goes well.  The QRYA Secretary's Office was contacted for details but he said "It's not our policy to comment on rumours"

The Editor


Marbleheads close the year at Lake Samsonvale


22 December 2020

Arriving at Lake Samsonvale on Sunday morning, the weather could not have been better.  A steady 8 knot breeze coming down the lake out of the North-West.  As preparations for the first race continued, the breeze did not, slowly dropping out and swinging around the compass.lakecalmWaiting for some breeze

The first race started in only a few knots that went to zero at times before the fleet reached the first mark.  Doug Allen sailing his first race with his new F6 rounded the top mark first and was never headed even though the breeze swung a full 180 degrees to create a downwind finish.  Race Officer Ian Ashe had little choice but to delay the next race, wait for the conditions to settle in.  But other than just a few races in the middle of the day that had competitors reaching for the next rig down, the repeated promise of a steady wind condition never really eventuated.  The RO and boat crew had a big job to do.

Of interest this regatta was the 30 year old Paradox owned and sailed for all that time by Paul Jones, matching it with a Grunge and a flotilla of new F6's.  The first three races were held in the lightest conditions for the day and if appears from the results that the boat was not as comfortable in those conditions, racking up three straight 4th places while his main rival Greg Torpy faired better.  So it was always going to be harder work to climb back from that position.NewMclassDoug's new boat, latest to join the fleet

Just as interesting were the other new F6s of Geoff Morris and Garry Russell who joined the classMclassthreeboatsTrevor, Les and Dougy heading back to windward. before Doug Allen but still had limited time to tune the machines particularly using the swing rig.  All three had the general sailing experience to do well if they could get their equipment on song.  But all new equipment needs sorting out and Geoff Morris, after doing pretty well before winning race 10, failed to start for the remaining races with equipment issues.  Doug Allen failed to finish three races while Garry Russell managed to sail on with goose-neck related issues.

PBoat CrewAndy and Iain worked hard on the boataul Jones found the sweet spot in the second half of the day and bagged three wins in the last four races. It could have been four except he was over the line early in the last race, recovered only to graze a buoy and take another penalty.  Meanwhile Greg Torpy just sailed consistently well all day taking five firsts from the fourteen races which although impressive, shows the competitiveness of the Marblehead fleet in Queensland now.  Rounding off the day Doug finished as he started with a win in his first outing with the new boat.  The dark horse of the day was Garry Russell who just hung in there consistently finishing every race well enough to get on the podium despite some gear issues.WinnersMClassOpenL to R: Garry Russell 3rd; Paul Jones 2nd; Greg Torpy 1st

At presentation it was Greg Torpy 1st, Paul Jones 2nd and Garry Russell 3rd. Congratulations to them, they earned it.

The Lake Samsonvale club did an excellent job as hosts and thanks go to Bob Worton for organising it, Andy, Peter, John and Iain for boat duties and the sausages for lunch, much appreciated. Thanks also to David Black for scoring and Ian Ashe for the challenging Race Officer job.


The club is stumping up again soon to host a Laser event on the 9th January.

Full Results click here

Keep an eye on the QRYA Youtube Channel for a few videos of the day, coming soon.

Photos: Nick Lindslay and Ron Fawcett

The Editor


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