Wednesday, December 08, 2021
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The QRYA through its member clubs administers and promotes all aspects of radio sailing in Queensland and is affiliated with the Australian Radio Yacht Association (ARYA).

Nationally Recognised Classes

  1. A Class
  2. Ten Rater (10R)
  3. Marblehead (RM)
  4. International One Metre (IOM)
  5. RC Laser
  6. Dragon Force 65
  7. DragonFlite 95 (DF95)

State Recognised Classes (Supported In Queensland)

  1. Ten Rater (10R)
  2. Marblehead (RM)
  3. International One Metre (IOM)
  4. RC Laser
  5. Dragon Force 65 (DF65)
  6. DragonFlite 95 (DF95) 

State Sanctioned Classes

The QRYA will provide perpetual trophies to the winners of State Championships for all recognised classes. 

These trophies will be managed by the QRYA Events Coordinator who will liaise directly with both the current holders of the trophies and the host club for the next state titles.  Supply and engraving of the new plate will also be organised by the Event Coordinator

All other trophies must be funded from the event budget.

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