Sunday, December 15, 2019
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NZ DF65's busted for outside assistance!


Ok, so we know our Kiwi Bro's are an inventive lot but is this just going too far?

Thanks to Northern Maritime Model Society (Wattle Farm) 1day DF65 Fun Regatta yesterday.

Isn't that same boat in the lead? 




Col Cameron Awarded Life Membership of the QRYA

Col8At the QRYA Annual General Meeting 16th June, Col Cameron, one of the best known radio yachtsman in Queensland was presented with Life Membership.

Col lives in North Queensland but still sails at events in the south east corner, such is his enthusiasm for the sport. This year Col occupied the President's chair for a time and led the Organising Committee for the 2019 Australian Championships.  He then competed in the IOM event and was Master of Ceremony at the presenatation and diner at the end of two weeks of racing.  But that was just this last year.  As you will read below, Col has been contributing his time to the sport for decades.

On being notified of his award, Col sent the following letter that was read out at the 2019 AGM.

“I thank you with much humility and grace that the Qld Radio Sailing community feel that I am a worthy recipient of a Life Membership of the Association.

What an honour and privilege to be recognised for my years of service to the radio sailing sport. From the early beginnings of the introduction of RC Sailing to Qld in the early 70’s to the present day, I have found the sport very rewarding and challenging, and have witnessed the growth of the sport to what it is today. During my 44 year journey,  I have made many friends and learnt a lot about RC sailing competitively in a responsible sportsmanship manner and always strived to help others to enjoy this wonderful sport. Thank you once again, it is something I will always treasure.”

 Col Cameron’s RC Sailing Journey so far

My love for remote controlled sailing yachts started in 1975, when I built my first radio controlled Marblehead, a Roger Stollery “March Hare Design", a 1968 design with a beam of 260 mm and a displacement of 9 kg’s (20 lbs.), It was built using planked balsa and a fiberglass skin, I changed a few things by building a longer fin and used a pocket luff mainsail, something that was new and innovative at the time


I was a part of a Scale & Sail club and with a few mates formed the Burdekin Radio Model club and with Ken Williams (Decd) formed the Townsville Model Marine Club in 1976 and the Gooseponds Sail & Scale club with Graham Shanks in Mackay. We held the inaugural NQ RM championships in Ayr in 1979 at Castenellis Lagoon, with George Manders from Brisbane winning the event , with myself a close second. From that moment, I was well and truly hooked and immersed myself into designing my own hull shape (Pure Magic) , but due to the tyranny of distance, we did not have a lot of access to parts etc. and so we had to make our own fittings and winches.

Col2It wasn’t long before I became known as the voice of Col3the North, due to my loud voice calling out a protest, or asking questions on how to expand the Marblehead class in NQ as everything RC Sailing was being handled by the QMBA and subsequently the QRYA, under the control of David Black. The Townsville club continued to grow and held the first Qld title outside of Brisbane in 1983 where I came a credible third with my own designed and built Pure Magic. The art of RC sailing was spreading throughout North Queensland. During the 1980’s the Marblehead class continued to grow with many of the Townsville skippers winning the QLD RM titles, while I was always the brides maid by getting 2nds to them.

The 1990’s became the best time for myself as I still was involved with the Townsville club, the Burdekin Club had folded and my moulds, hulls and paperwork, plans etc, were totally destroyed by a cyclone that took my shed away. It wasn’t until I moved to Mackay in 1998, that I joined the Mackay Radio Yacht club which had formed in 1995 due to a split from the Scale boat side. I sailed against Ian Ashe for the first time at a Col4NQ Interclub series, something he had started between the Townsville and Mackay Clubs in 1996. My love for the sport reignited and after a flurry of designs using a new CAD program, I settled on a design called the Cambar RM, which is still sailing today in Townsville. With this hull shape, a few modifications and BG sails, I went onto achieving my first state title in 2009 and again in 2013, along with numerous NQ RM Titles (2003,2006,2008,2010,2011,2013,2015)


In 2002, I organized the QLD RM titles to be held in Mackay, and we had 29 Entries which was an Australian record, and I met and sailed against the legendary Brad Gibson, what an experience and


to think he went onto to be a multiple world champion. The 2000’s also saw the introduction of the IOM class to Nth Qld, and the class eventually took over as the main class sailing in Nth Qld, apart from Townsville which stuck to the Marblehead class. As the IOM became more popular, it wasn’t long before I was helping to design our own IOM, and the Eclipse was born. This hull shape was easy on the eye and sailed well, with my best result as an 8th place at the 2007 Nationals held at the Pine Rivers Dam near Brisbane with a fleet of 74 entries. My best memories was the travelling to other clubs in Qld such as Gladstone, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Carbrook, with my sailing buddies and causing havoc at the local bars, clubs and motels as we really liked the after sailing socialising. It also allowed me to become a more potent voice in the Qld administration and in 2010, I joined the QRYA as its event coordinator, and have held positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer until my early retirement this year due to ongoing health concerns.


2014 – Gladstone (L/R – Bob Neunhoffer TMMC, Grant Cooper – Gladstone, David Black – Secretary, Ian Ashe – President, Col Cameron- Vice President)

In 2018, I relocated to Townsville having to retire due to a major health issue and I wanted to spend my final years with my family and my friends. This hasn’t stopped my love for the sport and I have helped the three Northern clubs to experience and build upon the growing class, the Dragonflite 95 and it is so pleasing to see these clubs once again growing with new younger people coming down to learn and love the art of Radio yacht racing.

Over the past four decades, I have witnessed so many advances in technology, classes rise and fall, clubs expand and contract, I’ve sailed against some really talented sailors and given them a run for their money all the while finding time to relax and enjoy the company of anyone who was sailing a radio yacht. This was the most rewarding aspect of Radio Yacht sailing and I hope that this camaraderie continues as this is the heart beat of our sport, and allows the continued growth through the sharing of knowledge.

As I said earlier it has been a real privilege to meet and sail with the many radio yacht sailors I have met along my journey, so thank you once again for the honour of being selected as a life member of the QRYA.

Good winds and fair sailing

Col Cameron



2019 NQ DF95 Tri-Series – Round 1

DF95 First place 2019 NQSaturday 15th June in Townsville presented a typical beautiful day, with some cloud cover, with plenty of sunshine, a mild 26 c and a nice gentle breeze of about 5 knots building from the ENE. It looked like it would be a great day of sailing with visitors turning up from Mackay, Whitsundays and Wynnum Manly, however the number of entries were down due to Army exercises and others taking some holidays away.

A course was set using the usual upwind – downwind with gate and after registration and lunch, the 8 skippers lined up for the first race of 16 at 1:00 pm. Race Officer Bob Neunhoffer had set a fair course and with the breeze steadily building to around 15 knots during the racing , he found that he did not need to alter the course at all and each race was taking 7 to 10 minutes to complete. All boats started with their A rigs and no one changed to the smaller B rig as the DF 95 can handle the stronger breeze, but a few of the visitors were caught out with tacking in a choppy wave, but they soon learnt and coped with it.


Left to Right: Col Cameron (2nd), Jamie Jochheim (1st) and Shane Beyer (3rd).

From the start, Whitsunday Sailor Jamie Jochheim, showed that he was here to compete as he took off and dominated the fleet for the 16 races, and finished on 17 points after 3 drops. Excellent consistent sailing and close covering skills coming to the fore. Townsville champion, Col Cameron had a poor start to the racing with him getting caught up with stalling and breaking the start line, and it wasn’t until the 7th race that he found his Mojo and took the racing to a new level and was able to place pressure on the leader with a number of wins and 2nd place, which then subsequently secured him 2nd place for the day. Shane Beyer from the Whitsundays started well and was often in a covering duel with Jamie for the first half of the racing, but then dropped off due to the consistent sailing strain taking a toll on his concentration, well done for a well-deserved third place.

In fourth place, was Chris Head (Whitsunday) who sailed exceptionally well and even won a race, he was so excited as he hasn’t been able to beat Jamie and Shane before, fifth place went to Dean Anderson (Mackay) , who found his boat lacked a little bit of speed due to his sails being well used and he has ordered a new set and he will be back up with the leaders, sailed well with some good consistency. 6th and 7th Place getters, Ray Wilson (WM- Townsville) and Ray Part (Townsville) had a ding dong battle between themselves as they were both new comers to DF95 Boats, and in the end only one point separated them, well done boys. In 8th place, was Clay Bauman who let’s just say had a day to remember as he hit every mark on the lake, and as we all know, hit a mark you lose big time especially when sailing DF95’s, but hey Clay keep going as well know you can sail really well.

Overall the day turned out to be one of the best and it showed that the DF95 can provide excellent racing, but the highlight was the camaraderie and sportsmanship shown by all the skippers, it made the day. No protests, plenty of contacts with penalties taken immediately without question and helpful tuning tips showed that to win at any costs is not required.

Congratulations to all the skippers who gave it their all and very big thank you to Bob and his band of volunteers, Ian, James, John and Steve who unselfishly gave their time so that everyone had a fair go. The next round will be held in Mackay on the 24th August, should be fun.

Col Cameron

DF95 State Coordinator


Ian Ashe awarded Life Membership of the QRYA

LifeMandRonSmAt the QRYA Annual General Meeting 16th June, Ian Ashe, a stalwart of Queensland Radio Sailing was presented with Life Membership.

Ian is best known for the selfless donation of his time to perform the Principal Race Officer role, from one end of this large State to the other, while still finding the time to be an active club competitor. This year Ian was a vital member of the Organising Committee for the 2019 Australian Championships, then supplied PRO services to several of the fleets over a 10 day period. 

Left: Ian Ashe recieving his award from Ron Fawcett, Secretary QRYA.

Ian took the time to pen the words below after receiving his award.

My first encounter with RC sailing, saw an A Class yacht in a Hobby shop window in Hobart in 1984 and bought it without any previous experience with RC yachting and joined the Risdonbrook Radio Yacht Club.

We decided to move to Townsville early 1985. I rang the Townsville Secretary who said “don’t bring that thing up here we only sail Marbleheads”. So I sold the A (at the same Hobby shop) and arrived in Townsville August 1985.

I joined TMMC and at their at next AGM their Secretary resigned and I was appointed Secretary and stayed in that job for 10 years. Became club President in 1995 till our move to Brisbane in 2006.  Before leaving Townsville I was made a Life Member of TMMC.

I joined BRYC for a year then MRYS and became their VP for couple of years before joining PRYC in 2017 till present time.

In the meantime, whilst still in Townsville, I was appointed QRYA State Measurement Coordinator from 2003 to 2005, then Vice President 2005 to late 2006.

The then QRYA President, Dave Turton, resigned mid-term in late 2006 so I became President till next AGM in 2007.

Re-elected President for next 7 years  but did not nominate again at 2015 AGM.

2017 saw complete change of Committee and elected State Events Coordinator till present day.

After resignation of QRYA President during 2019 I took over that position as well till the AGM.

I was re-elected Events Coordinator at 2019 AGM.

Always humble, what Ian did not mention are the countless events he has officiated at, mostly at his own expense for the benefit of the sport we all share.  His contribution continues.  Ian was asked to renominate for the Events Coordinator for the coming year and fortuneately for us all, he agreed.

So next time you see Ian, please congratulate him and thank him for helping Radio Sailing in Queensland be the successful sport that it is.


2019 SE Queensland DF65 Championships


17 skippers entered for the SE Queensland DF65 Championships held at Spring Lake, Springfield Lakes.
The weather gods promised 5 to 6kn breeze, perfect for the baby RC Yachts, with also a strong possibility of some precipitation.

Welcome and briefing was help at 9.45am ready to start racing at 10am, only one slight problem, no wind.
We managed to get three races completed in the trying conditions by 11.30am before an early lunch was called by the race officer, with the hope that the promised wind would eventuate.
Racing got underway again after the luncheon adjournment and we managed to complete 8 races before calling it quits for the day.
No rain eventuated but also none of the promised wind.

It was quite a sight to see 16 boats in an almost straight line across the course halfway through a couple of races which made for some pretty tense moments approaching the mark rounding’s. This just shows how close the racing of these little boats can be.DFSQwinners

The ever-consistent Mike Jeffery’s came out on top finishing the day in 1st place.
Grant Lihou finished in 2nd with Andrew Wilson finishing in 3rd on a countback from John Gower.

Thanks to the committee and members of Springfield Lakes Maritime Modelers for all there help to make the day a success and giving up their normal sailing day.

Thanks to Trevor Fisher for performing the Race Officers duties and  David Black, Shelley Heard and Lis Larsen for scoring the day.

Thanks also to Patrick Collins and Ian Ashe for helping out as observers.

Remember without these volunteers we would be able to enjoy these events.

John Heard
Springfield Lakes Maritime Modelers



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