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Being first at the top mark, how important is it?

DF95Leadgroup Getting more from race videos

The DF95 Invitation on the Gold Coast 30 June 2019 had a large single fleet event sailing this class new in Queensland.   Only one event had been sailed previously so there was no established skills hierarchy.  Ten races were video recorded of the 13 completed.

We decided to explore the relationship between the position at the first mark rounding and success overall on the Regatta.  There is no mystery about the importance of a good start in any form of sailing but we have videos so why not get some numbers on it?  We all see the results, but the video provides an opportunity to get postions mid race.

This is for all the sailing 'nerds', the geeks and addicts who enjoy some numbers served with their sailing.

 How it was done

From the videos, the first six boats to round the first mark were listed for each race, then their finishing positions in each race from the results.  Secondly at Regatta level, the first six placegetters in the Regatta were analysed to see how they performed at the first mark.

First Mark Rounding Vs Average Finish Place

This lists the average finish place for each position at the first mark e.g. if you arrive 3rd, where are you likely to finish in the race?  This was done for each of the first six in each race .

The first to round the first mark finished on average at place 2.2, meaning that less than half the time that boat won.  This is an indicator that the fleet was very competitive, no one dominated from start to finish usually.  Interestingly, round the first mark 6th and average finish place was 5th.  Keep in mind that the Finish places here are an average of ten races, meaning that for the boat rounding the first mark 2nd, half of the time they finished 5th or worse!

Overall Regatta Placing Vs First Mark Rounding

For the first six placegetters in the regatta, their positions at the first mark were analysed.

The winner of the regatta was first at the top mark on only two occasions and in the first group of 6, seven times, this was less than the second and third place getters who each took the gong three times and were in the first group eight times.

So what happened?

If the winner only got to the top mark first on two occasions, what is going on?  Well there is another factor to be considered.  Staying in front.


The winner only rounded to top mark 1st twice, but won both of those races, 100%.  Second won two of the three times he got to the top mark first, 66%.  Third place getter got to the top mark first, three times, but won none of them.  Seems to be a strong relationship. 

Consistancy won the event

Laurie won the event by consistently finishing in the first three places and keeping any lead he developed.  Ten out of thirteen races he finished in 3rd or better, while the other place getters with better results at the top mark, had more varied finishes.

 Note: Thanks to Sylvain Gregoire    for the idea to plot the positions in the graph above, and Ian Lobley for spotting it.

From watching the videos it is clear that Laurie did not stop sailing well, its just that the other sailors appeared to improve over the day.  You can see in the graph that the competition certainly went up a level for the last four races.


  1. To place in the first three overall, two or more wins to the first mark rounding were needed.
  2. To place in the first three overall, they had to be in the first six at the first mark 70% (7 of 10) of the time.
  3. Once in the lead, they had to convert that oportunity into a win.
  4. To win, he had to finish in the top three 70% of the time.

This analysis confirms what sailors already knew of course, that it is where you finish that counts, but you need to be positioned in range to do that.  Also, looking at the top mark averages may be useful in providing a target for sailors between starting and crossing the line.  A race goal, another reason to improve your starting skills, if indeed you need one!

A compilation video of eight of the ten races used for this report has been posted on the QRYA Youtube Channel.  Start, first leg and finish only.

Compilation Video Linked here.  Please subscribe to the QRYA Youtube channel to help others find the resource.


Queensland Marblehead Championships 2019

MclassfleetWell the Qld Marblehead Champs have been run and won. After the first couple of races it was clear to see what the outcome of the two days will be.

The skippers from south of the border were certainly prepared for what mother nature was going to throw at us. The first day began with skippers electing to go straight to “B” rigs but with a lull in the breeze everyone elected to go to “A” rigs, this was to be a big mistake with the breeze coming back in and boats being flattened resulting in that heat being called off, the day continued on with “C” rigs.

Those skippers who were prepared for the stronger breezes chose to use “C2” rigs.

Day 2 saw skippers choosing “A” rigs for most of the day with the occasional change to “B” rigs. We managed to get 27 heats run over the two days.Mclasswinners2019group

Congratulations goes to Scott Condie sailing a Grunge coming in First place on 30 points followed by Lincoln McDowell sailing an F-6 on 47 points with Andrew Reid taking out third place on 62 points in another Grunge.

A big thanks goes out to Ian Ashe, our PRO for the weekend and David Black our chief scorer, and of course, thanks to all the volunteers who helped out on the two days.

Bob Worton

R/C Coordinator


DF65 Open Day at Wynnum Manly


The Wynnum Manly RMYC is trialing the DF65 class at Manly Harbour on Sunday 14th July at 0900.  The main aim of this day is to allow members of the public including local sailing clubs and marina residents to try Radio Sailing.  Local club members will be on hand with spare boats.

If you have a DF65 and have that day free, go and have a sail, all visitors are welcome.  If you know anyone who might be interested in trying the sport and a day out are Manly, please let them know or better still bring them along yourself.

The markets are on so the family has something to do and plenty of places for lunch.

It will be scratch racing.  See you there!


Andrew Wilson




DF95 Gold Coast Invitation 2019


1 July 2019

Paradise Radio Yacht Club had the pleasure of hosting the inaugural DF95 Gold Coast Invitation at Emerald Lakes. Sixteen keen sailors arrived to find there was not a drop of wind to be had in any direction. This prompted Alan Young the PRO to suggest we get into the sausage sizzle in the hope the wind came which it did for 5 minutes then disappeared again. DF95Glassout

A short meeting was called and Ian Ashe with his QRYA Event Coordinator hat on pointed out that after this event there were no DF95 events scheduled in Queensland till 2020.  Several likely times were identified in the current calendar and the fleet unanimously agreed that at least one of them should be filled, possibly two.

A sneaky easterly arrived two hours late at 1230 and the first race was underway shortly after in very light conditions.  The boats were impressive in those conditions making good speed on what was effectively glassy water as can be seen on the video of Race 1.

Laurie Hinchcliff set the tone for the day with a bullet in Race 1 then repeating the trick for five of the first six races.  His worst result for the first eight races was second.  Below is what a winning setup looks like for #49.


Also off to a good start was Ian Ashe, turning his hand to sailing instead of being a Race Officer.  Fourth place in the first race was impressive enough for a new boat and new 95 skipper, but first place in the second race was even more so.  He navigated the bottom gate about equal to two other boats who went the other way.  He finished almost 20m in front.  As the day progressed Ian warmed up and finished the day with four first places.

This was the second QRYA supported DF95 event, the winner of the first regatta was unable to make it leaving Mick Gentles, second place winner, as 'the man to beat' for this event.  Although consistently placing, the quality of the competitors prevented Mick from taking a single first place.DF95Winners2019invitation

After thirteen races the places were;

  1. Laurie Hinchcliff 23 points
  2. Ian Ashe 33 points
  3. Mick Gentles 40 points

L to R Ian Ashe, Frank Arrowsmith, Laurie Hinchcliff, Mick Gentles.

As the afternoon progressed the breeze steadied and remained roughly to the east, clocking slowly north just to put the boat crew to work and make the Alan Young make the calls.   Alan is a member of the Twin Towns Club and graciously volunteered to assist with the Paradise Radio Yacht Club event.  His feedback to the fleet between races contributed to the outstanding success of the event.  There were no protests as all incidents were sorted on the water in good spirit.

Our thanks go to David Black for the scoring, Brian Leydon our highly qualified button pusher, Ray Richardson for course setting and Neil Senior the purveyor of fine sausages and all the other helpers who gave up their Sunday to assist.

Special thanks to the guys who came from Moreton Bay and we hope to do another event again soon.

Full results here

Report on ARYA site Linked Here

Frank Arrowsmith

DF95 Fleet Captain

Paradise Radio Yacht Club



South Queensland 10R Championships 2019


We all arrived at a stunning Morning at the Kimberley Lake at Banora Point where the Twin towns Radio Modellers hosted the South East Queensland 10 R Championships.

12 ( I think) maybe 13 boats enjoyed a fresh but cold breeze in the morning which from time to time challenged A rigs,  although  the occasional thought to maybe change to a B rig kept us guessing for most of the day but most stayed with the A rig and toughed it out as the occasional gusts made for some interesting racing.

The positions were close up to a very tasty lunch supplied by the host Club with a special thankyou to Richard Harrydenes wife for her cooking.

After lunch the wind settled in and supplied us with a fast and challenging afternoon of racing.10Rwinners2019

Bill Clancy (PRO) and the team from Twin Towns should be congratulated for running an event that allowed for competitive fair and fast racing for these formula 1’s of the Radio Yachting world.

10R32019Yet to be confirmed but I was told that Ben Taylor with his Sanger the eventual runaway winner won 7 races with Andy Holly with a Brand new Sanger came second with 6 wins and Frank Russell coming in for the third place with some very consistent racing.

A special congratulation to these three place getters but also to all the competitors as everyone enjoyed the spirit of how the day was run and won and a huge thankyou to all those that travelled to come up and compete  you are welcome back anytime..

We are proud to say that 10 R racing in Queensland is healthy and this competition  proved exactly that  Bring on upcoming events.

Trevor Fisher



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