Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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DF95 Owners Essential Reading

DF95Scene thumbWith the continuing growth of the DF95 class, any and all information about them is in demand.  Recently produced and uploaded to the QRYA website is a DF95 Owners Manual.  It contains details on Setting Up, After Sailing and Ongoing Maintenance. 

For experienced Radio Control sailors the manual contains useful information about the boat, but for sailors new to the sport it is a gold mine of 'need to know' tips and tricks.

In each region there is always a 'go-to' person for assembly and repairs, one of these is Col Cameron in Townsville.  In addition to his role as the DF95 Class Coordinator in Queensland he was instrumental in the success of the recent QLD State Championships.  Col has generously assembled many of the local 95's for new owners and then supports them with advice and encouragment on the water. 

The document will be maintained and updated as required so for those of you with something to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact Col so he can incorporate your learnings as well.  His contact details are in the footer of the manual.

Link to QRYA Information page.  See it listed under 'Learning More'.



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