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Aussies at the IOM Worlds


22 November 2019

For those of you finding it a challenge to get information on just what is happening at the IOM Worlds in Brazil, you are not alone.  The coverage is scant, the event website until yesterday did not list any results and it is more than a bit frustrating after the glamour coverage two years ago in France.

Most of the information has been posted on the 2019 IOM Worlds Facebook group.  That is OK for those who use that social media, not that great for others who made a personal choice not to.  Results have been posted today on the Event website.

The few videos that have been posted have been greatly appreciated but they are patchy and sometimes of poor quality.  The stills have been very good though, like the one here. 

In the one shot we can see #148 Paul Jones just in front of #72 Doug Allen, followed by #171 Sean Wallis and #139 Rosco Bennett. 

The progress of the Aussie contingent highlights just how tough the competition is over there.  After starting strongly the team has drifted down the list a bit, the exception being Paul Jones (NSW) who has posted consistant finishes in the top 10 of A Fleet, to creep up the ladder.  Currently ranked 7th after 16 races.  Before the third drop he was 5th.

Sean Wallis still has a chance of finishing in the top 10 if he returns to A fleet soon but that looks a challenge.  Ross Bennett (WA) and Doug Allen (QLD) are only a few points apart sitting in the high teens.  John Gower (QLD) and Russell Gray (QLD) are sitting in the high 50's and showing us how hard it must be to climb out of the lower fleets once you get there.

We wish them all the best for the final few days.



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