Sunday, July 05, 2020
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Round 3 DF65 Interclub Series gets big wind

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Today was round 3 of the 2019 South East Queensland Dragon Force 65 inter-club series between Springfield Lakes and Paradise radio yacht club with this round at Emerald Lakes on the Gold Coast. PRO on the day was Alan Young who did a fantastic job of running 24 races with the help of David Black (Scorer)., Tony Fannin (boat crew), Eran Conza (Observer, Place caller), Ted Mulligan (Observer) and Brian Laden (Starter Box operator).

The weather was fantastic with a cool breeze, 22° and perfect blue Sunny skies. The Luck brothers were out to win, given their heavy weather successes. The wind was extremely strong and variable from 10 k to 25 k and this called for numerous rig changes. It was heard mentioned that racing today was very much like the Sydney to Hobart yacht race with changing conditions requiring numerous sail changes and re-tuning from the big A+ rigs to even C rigs being setup. Graham won the highest number of sail changes with Mike a close second. The cool blustery conditions made it important to focus and keep your boat moving through the chop. Close racing saw many podium changes with penalties done quietly as required.DF65Rnd3 2

Springfield Lakes competitors did extremely well with Andrew Wilson taking out 2nd place and John Heard coming in 6th. Paradise club however, managed to be consistent with Mike coming in 1st, Ralph Luck 3rd, and Bob McKinnon 4th. Leading to an overall victory on the day to Paradise radio yacht club.

The real winners were all the competitors who had a joyful day on the water with fond memories of what it was like to sail those tough races in blustery conditions in Bass Strait. Thanks to Alan and his team [Tony Fannin (boat crew), Eran Conza (Observer, Place caller), Ted Mulligan (Observer) and Brian Laden (Starter Box operator] for putting together a great day.

Keep your diaries booked for the Dragon Force 65 Queensland State Championships to be held on 13 October 2019 at Emerald Lakes. We already have numerous New South Wales skippers seeking to cross the border and take our State trophy 🏆 back to NSW.    

Report by: Mike Jefferys.

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