Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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QRYA Youtube Channel 100th video!


On the 3rd of August 2017 the first video was posted on the QRYA Youtube Channel by Ian Lobley.  On 23rd July 2018 the 100th video was posted.

In that time an incredible number of people from all over Australia and the world have visited the channel and our website.  Just within Australia there has been over 40,073 minutes of watch time and 11,011 views of the sailing videos.  See the table below for other countries.

There are not enough active radio sailors in Australia to account for the statistics, so it means that non-radio sailors, prospective club members have connected and watched the action.  Posting content such as this can only raise the profile of our sport.

Click here for link to the Youtube Channel

For those reading this  who may not have visited the channel, please do and click 'Subscribe' as the more subscribers the easier the channel is to find by a search engine.  Radio Sailors and those we need to target to increase membership of our clubs are in the 50+ age group as the report below shows.

The processing time for 100 videos is a considerable part of Ian's life over he past year and that does not include the time and travel to record them.  A big thank you to him for his contribution to our sport.



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