Monday, February 18, 2019
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QRYA Annual Report Released

The QRYA Annual Report has been released for presentation to the ARYA AGM in Hobart this month.

Please read it here and if you have any comments or feedback please do that through your club Secretary.

Annual Report to the ARYA AGM
Period from June 2017 to February 2018
Summary of Activities
1. Registered 324 members this year compared to 327 reported same time last year, with 46 of those being new members.  Five were international visitors.

2. Supported National Class ranking and non-ranking regattas including
   * A Class State Championships & Regional events
   * Marblehead State Championships & Regional events
   * 10R State Championships & Regional events
   * IOM State Championships & Regional events
   * Eddie Cowell Perpetual Regatta
   * Brisbane Challenge
   * The Kawana Open
   * The Newport Classic

3. Supported State class regattas including
   * Laser State and South QLD Championships
   * DF65 State and South QLD Championships
   * Support for the DF65 Interclub Tri-series
   * EC12 event scheduling and venue support

4 Approved the Dragon Force 65 (DF65) class first to Sanction Class level in mid-2017, then to State Recognised Class level in January 2018.

5. Encouraged and supported the revitalisation of the Sanctioned EC12 class

6. Provided a perpetual trophy for the Laser Class

7. Encouraged and developed new Race Officers using a mentoring model, trialled with Linsay Patterson at the Hervey Bay Central QLD IOM titles and the Brisbane Challenge
8. Rebuilt the QRYA website into the domain

9. Loaded all existing electronic administrative records into the Google Suite environment to allow 
   * the Committee to collaborate on working documents
   * share files and reports with Club Secretaries
   * simplified handover of documents/email to new Committee members in future
   * permanent backup of QRYA documents
   * off-line backups have been arranged

10. The Events Calendar has been placed online on the website

11. Created a Youtube Channel and added to the website to provide timely videos of regattas soon afterwards.  Viewing statistics are:
   * Over the 28 day period to 27th January 2018, 3400 minutes of watch time has been recorded in over 1000 views.
   * 35% from Australia, 17% NZ, 10% UK and 8% USA. Top video viewed was an IOM race from Kawanna, closely followed by a DF65 race.

12. ‘Latest News’ functionality is used to broadcast notable information to all members and the public.

13 Held 6 Management Committee meetings and two All Clubs meetings.

14 Accepted the invitations to host the 2019 National Championships and formed a Regatta Management committee and Regatta Management Plan to support the event.  
Supporting Comments
The AGM in June 2017 saw the election of an all new Management Committee including two experienced committee members.  The combination of experienced and first time members on the committee provided a new outlook for the Queensland RC yachting community.  A primary focus of the new team has been to improve the relationship between the member clubs and the Committee using increased and higher quality communication with them.  Previously vacant positions have been filled and this has greatly helped to achieve set goals.
 As  in the opening summary, there has been a lot happening in radio sailing in Queensland.  Prominent is the emergence of the DF65 fleet and it’s elevation to State Recognised status in less than a year.  These one design boats offer clubs a low cost entry level to attract new club members, as well as competitive sailing that one-design fleets supply.
The IOM regattas have continued to attract good numbers and there has been a healthy churn of new boats at the top end of the fleet providing plenty of options for new members to enter the class.  Some of the other classes have had fleet numbers down on past years as some have moved on to other classes.
 Previous efforts to train Race Officers has had to be converted into action this year by using a mentoring model.  Experienced PROs supervise first-timer ROs and it has been very successful so far.  Other trained members have volunteered to serve the sport in future events.
 The new website has been central to the new Committee’s efforts and it has attracted more visits than were expected both from members and all parts of the world. In particular the Youtube Channel that has proved that radio sailing enthusiasts enjoy watching the sport and appreciate being able to do so.  The ‘Live Results’ feature has proven very popular.  More will be made of these learnings to promote the sport.
Preparations for the Nationals 2019
Work was underway before the acceptance of the invitation to host the Nationals in 2019, to identify a venue and support this event.  Member clubs were asked on two occasions for ‘Expressions of Interest’ over the past 12 months with three responding.  One from Central Queensland was ruled out as a decision was made to select a venue closer to Brisbane on this occasion.  This left Brisbane Radio Yacht Club (BRYC) based at Eagleby, and Moreton Radio Yacht Squadron (MRYS) based at Newport, in the running.
At an All Clubs meeting held in December 2017, BRYC announced that they only had the volunteer resources to host one of the smaller classes but offered the venue to be managed by other clubs.  After discussing the issues associated with that arrangement, a motion was tabled to select the Newport venue and that was passed unanimously, lacking a viable alternative, other than to decline to host the event.
At a second All Clubs Event 4th February, the venue was reconfirmed and the suitability verified after feedback from the Newport Classic held last September.  The South QLD Championship will be held there 24th and 25th March 2018.
The venue has 
* dry launch facilities
* ample clean sailing water in both depth and breadth
* an elevated control area 
* a southern and western bank for use depending on the wind direction
* serviced male, female and handicapped toilets
* an onsite cafe with professional catering
* seating and shade sails with a view of the racing
* parking areas on the street, behind the cafe and an overflow 100 car space near western bank
* plenty of local accommodation options from caravan parks to motels
* an area for the public to watch the sport in action that attracts Local Government and Business support to reduce costs to the competitors
Importantly, from a risk and safety perspective, this venue is less exposed to tropical low weather events and storms that often occur in Queensland at that time of the year.
Ron Fawcett 
QRYA Secretary

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