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Committee Responsibilities


The President is a member of the six person Executive Committee and responsible for chairing all meetings, setting the overall goals and direction for the Association and ensuring it functions effectively.

  • Chair all meetings of the Association

  • Establish the goals and direction for the Association

  • Audit the performance of the association and arrange corrective action as required.

  • Ensure all meetings are held in accordance with the constitutional requirements

  • Bank signatory in conjunction with either of Vice President or Secretary and Treasurer

Vice President:

The Vice President is required to deputise for the President if absent and perform the functions as required.

  • Assist the President in performing the role 

  • Act in the place of the President when required

  • Bank signatory in conjunction with either of President or Secretary and Treasurer


The Secretary is responsible for the creating written records, administering the QRYA funds as required by law and in accordance with the constitutionand maintaining communication with members and relevant organizations.

  • Receive and reply to correspondence.

  • Distribute ARYA communications to the Management Committee members, and Club Secretaries as appropriate

  • Maintain the membership register and ensure individual affiliations with the ARYA are kept up to date.

  • Ensure annual returns of membership are submitted to the ARYA

  • Ensure annual return is submitted to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading

  • Arrange production and distribution of QRYA registration cards

  • Ensure the results of Ranking Event are forwarded to the ARYA

  • Liaise with the President to prepare the Agenda for the AGM and regular Committee Meetings and circulate this to members in line with the requirements of the constitution.

  • Ensure that all Notices of meetings are distributed in line with the requirements of the constitution.

  • Record the minutes of the AGM and Management Committee meetings.

  • Distribute minutes of AGM and Management Committee meetings to all clubs

  • Bank signatory in conjunction with either of President or Vice President


The treasurer is responsible for the accurate maintenance and administering the QRYA funds as required by law.

  • In conjunction with the President prepare the Associations annual operating budget

  • Prepare Operating Budget, maintain financial records. Report performance against budget to each meeting

  • Promptly deposit all monies received into the Associations authorized bank account and pay all bills for expenses as authorized

  • Bill Member Clubs annually for membership

  • Bank signatory in conjunction with either of President or Vice President

Sail Events Coordinator:

This position is responsible for the planning, preparation and running of sailing events on the QRYA calendar.

  • Monitor the Events Calendar to determine when Trophies for the Queensland State titles should be in the hands of the host club

  • Arrange for the engraving and postage of the perpetual class trophies and shields

  • Ensure that NoRs for ranking events are fowarded to the ARYA to meet the 6 week deadline

  • Ensure that all NORs and SIs comply with the current ARYA template.

  • May - Call for nomination from clubs to run State and Regional events for Recognised classes for the following year.

  • June - A draft program for the first 6 months is to be circulated to clubs for comment with clubs nominated to hold events to confirm in writing.

  • August - QRYA Secretary is notify the ARYA by mid August of events to be promulgated for the first 6 months of the following year.

  • November - A draft program for the second 6 months of the following year is to be circulated to clubs for comment.

  • December – Promulgate to clubs and request confirmation they are still able to run event. Confirmation in writing.

  • December – QRYA Secretary to notify the ARYA of the second 6 months of the following year.

Publicity Officer

The Publicity Officer arranges promotion of the Sport in Queensland and provides support to the member clubs as required.

The Publicity Officer is a member of the Management Committee.

  • Help develop and implement a public relations plan that will promote member clubs and the Association.

  • Write and issue media releases concerning upcoming events, and club activities and achievements.

  • Develop and maintain a close working relationship with local media.

  • Promote the positive aspects of the Associations activities. Keep the Secretary and Committee informed of any media activities.

  • Work with the Secretary and Treasurer to obtain and arrange sponsor’s advertising.

  • Create a positive general public awareness of the Association

  • Work with the Associations website coordinator.

  • Attend General Committee meetings.

State Sailing Measurer:

The State Sailing Measurer is responsible for establishing and maintaining the standard of measurement and ruling interpretation throughout the state and providing support to member clubs as required.

  • Establish a training program for measurers throughout the state including development and provision of measurement materials and equipment as required

  • Develop a measurer accreditation process to ensure that minimum standards are maintained. This may be done in conjunction with the ARYA

  • Carry out random audits of pre-event measurement conducted as part of our major events to ensure minimum standards at met.

  • Provide rulings on questions applying to measurement matters, referring these and other technical enquiries to the ARYA Technical Officer as required. Keep the member and Club measurer informed of the enquiry status.

  • Provide support to Club Measurers and keep them informed of all measurement changes and interpretations.

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